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Hello. I'm in thiz world since 01121994 so lovely hating person. My favourite band in this fucking world is
「the GazettE」SixGun since 2008 oh~! my "beautiful 5 [shit]ers" ♪ ヽ(´・`)ノ ♥ Takashima Kouyou,
日本, boyslove, androgynous, lotus flowers, rappers, asian music, NU'EST, Jrock, etcbullshit.♥ _________________________
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23/? gazette quotes

"You see, I was always in love ever since Middle School. I fell in love too easily, to the extent of worrying myself over it, thinking, ‘Why do I just fall in love this way, in a single glance?’, to the extent of wondering how just about anybody would be fine (laughs). But I didn’t show it in my behavior at all." —Uruha

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I miss my dear Mister Superstar

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here’s one without my face, for good measure

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